Workshop outline

Family panoramas is very important for people who are interested in both NLP and individual constellation work. Lucas Derks has succeeded in developing a model which include step by step guide to first identify problem dynamics and then effective ways of resolving these issues in an one-on-one session.

It’s new, it’s exciting

Family panoramas - definitions

Family panorama patterns:

Hostile attitudes - when family members are hated, rejected etc.
Vacancies - when family system has omitted or forgotten members.
Bi-locations - when the same family member is located in two places.
Shared locations - when people are represented in the same location.
Immature positions - when an adult is represented the same as a child
Border crossing personifications - when people are difficult to classify.
A weak or divided self - have invisible, vague or far away self images.
Leaving members - when family members do not want to belong.
Spouse too far away - when a spouse is out of reach.
Isolation - when family members are represented far away
Family disorder - family members are not represented in sequece
Authority problems - when family members are represented above you
Fatal examples - when a person unconsciously live the life of a dead relative.

Relationship issues

Intimate relationships - the structure
Improving a relationship
Working with a problem relationship

Working with Family panoramas

Effective regression to relevant age
Exploring a Family panorama from the past
Dealing with grief
Dealing with bi-locations
Dealing with limiting beliefs
Adding resources to the family panorama
Transferring resources from one personification to another
How to make a Family panorama ecological
One-on-one Family panorama sessions



with Lucas Derks

“Lucas Derks Social Panoramas is a major contribution to the literature on reframing, and a fascinating way of working with clients. One might even consider it to be a paradigmatic shift as in Kopp’s changing from therapist-centred to client-centered metaphors.”

Rubin Battino,
Author of best selling Ericksonian Approaches

Family panoramas
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