The Family Panoramas are for resolving complicated human relationship problems and still be able to manage them. It is a refreshing new NLP approach to dealing with family and intimate relationships.

In our minds we create images of ourself and others. These images are usually categorized into concentric circles. Based on distance, direction and position of images. Location will equal relationship e.g. the closer the image, in our mental space, the more intimate the relationship.

Sometimes one or more factors are missing in our family landscape. Consequently, problems may arise in relationships and social interactions. Through exploring the inner panorama of our family reality we can bring about effective intervention in dealing with our inter-personal relationships.

This model was developed independently of Hellinger’s Family Constellations and takes individual constellations ( a step further.

This model is an exception because it builds in ecology check for self congruence and for others.

New May 9, 2007 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM FREE Entry

Magis Hall, Yah Yan College, 56 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tai, Kowlooon

An evening with Lucas Derks creator of the Family Panorama model. The New exciting NLP way of working with relationships. Lucas will introduce his model and talk about how he developed it.

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English with Cantonese translation.

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Family panoramas
with Lucas Derks
The workshop that can actually change your outlook on life

Social Panoramas


May 12 and 13, 2007 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day

Magis Hall, Wah Yan College, 56 Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tai, Kowloon