Social Panorama diagnostic patterns:


Problem description
The female client, about 30, was suspicious and has difficulty in trusting her fiancé. The problem appeared when she does not hear from the fiancé for a day (e.g. he is out of town) or if the fiancé does not call her during the day. The client called the behaviour ‘distrust’.

Progress of the therapy

Eliciting the panorama
I asked the client to imagine to be on a vast plain or in the desert. While she was there I asked her to imagine her fiancé to be there somewhere. The client succeeded and could easily tell me the location, distance and the direction where the inner personification of her fiancé was.

Finding the childhood family panorama
I asked the client to go back to a time when she was about 5 years old. I asked her to pick a memory from that time and associate to that feeling. The client could remember her being around five but was not sure about her age. I asked her to go in to a quiet place in her memory and be the five year old child. In that place I asked her to tell me if she can see her mother when she thinks about her. At this point the client told me that she cannot see her mother since she is now at her father’s home because her parents have already divorced. I told her to go to a place in the memory where she could imagine all her close relatives to be there at the same time. She did that and she was able to continue to build her childhood panorama.

image 1

1st Childhood family panorama

Which family members lack resources?
The client chose the mother and the father to be the family members whose lack of abilities  was the cause of  her creating this limiting behaviour. The missing abilities of the mother were the ability to settle (fights), and the ability to trust. The missing abilities of the father were the ability to have self discipline, vigour and the ability to value himself.

Gathering appropriate resources.
The client could easily remember moments when she herself had these abilities. The interesting thing was that she associated all the abilities for mother to be shapes around her,  but the abilities for the father where colours..

Adding resources to both parents in their childhood.
I guided the client back to the past of her parents so that she could see the life paths of the both of her parents at the same time. I asked her to stop when her parents were around five or six years old. With the help of my suggestions the client made contact first with the mother and gave her the missing abilities. After that she gave her father the abilities he had missed.

Parents grooving up with new resources.
I asked the client to imagine her parents growing up with these new abilities. I suggested that she watch how these new abilities affect her mother’s and father’s life at the time e.g. they went to school, at work, how they are affected when they meet each other. I asked her to imagine being in the womb of her mother and feel how these new abilities affected her feelings in the womb. Then I guided her along her own life when she was a baby and a child. I asked her to grow up in a family where her parents had these new abilities until she was once again around five years old and in the same place where she first visualized her family.

New family panorama
We created the new family panorama as we did the first one.

image 2

New childhood family panorama

Associate into each personality in the panorama
Then we wrote the names of each of the inner personifications in the panorama on pieces of paper and I asked the client to place them on the floor as they were in her mental image. First, I asked client to feel how she feels at her own place. Then I asked her to step on to her mother’s place and feel how she felt at the time. I asked the client to make sure that her mother felt comfortable at that position and to change the positions of the people if necessary. The client did this for a while and ended up with the panorama below.


 image 3

Adjusted childhood family panorama


Future phase
We made sure that the client had a clear feeling and image of the new panorama. Then we tested with a few childhood events e.g. like going to school on a normal day, shopping, playing with friends and so on. The purpose was to test if the inner image feels good in normal life situations.

Ecology check
After this I asked the client if there was something in her life that prevented her from having this kind of family panorama. She could not name anything but felt that there is something wrong. She went and moved her own position a bit further away from the others.

And back to the present.
At this point I asked her to grow back to the current date and feel what she feels in the here and now. I also asked again if there was anything in her life now that prevented her from having this kind of family panorama. The answer was no.

Final test.
I tested the new panorama by asking her how she would feel if she wouldn’t hear from fiancé for a day. The client answered that she wouldn’t mind. She also felt that it was good and everything was ok like that. In addition she also felt safer and she wouldn’t have to worry that much anymore.

Jani Ahosilta


Panoramas through time and transferring resources to family members.