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Near sight or myopia (from the Greek my, meaning near and opia, meaning eyes). This is an eye condition that affect more than 20% of children during their school years. However, virtually all children at age 6 have perfect eyesight (research indicates more than 98%).

At this point in time there is no single theory that explain Better than 75% efficacywhy some children lose their ability to see objects at a distance. It usually starts with having difficulty to see the classroom board. Or it is detected in one of the regular eye-test conducted in most schools. Initially the near sight is quite mild and shows up as the inability to see one or two lines on the eye-chart. Each line on the eye chart represent a 5% loss of visual acuity.

The common response by eye care professionals is to fit the child with glasses. Optometry is the art and science of measuring and correcting eyesight deficiencies with optics. So if you take your child to an optometrist he or she will almost certainly fit glasses, because that is what an optometrist do. This is his business and the way of making a living.

Most people know that fitting glasses does absolutely nothing for the near sight. In fact in most cases it tend to make the situation worse. Research indicate a progression rate of 0.5 diopter a year from the age of 8 to age 16. In other words a child with perfect eyesight at age7 can expect to have about 4 diopters of near sight at age 16. Someone with 4 diopters near sight can only see clearly up to 25 cm from their eyes. Such an individual has to wear lenses all the time to function normally.

Normal vision can be regained!

Near sight or accommodation insufficiency is easily restored to normal with Vision Training exercises. The efficacy is better than 75% for restoring distance vision. Naturally, the earlier Vision Training is introduced the better. The Magic eyes approach involve simple exercises proven to work. In the majority of cases there are two or three eye exercises that are key in restoring normal eyesight.


By definition the exercises are simple, or they would notwork, so there is no need for lengthy therapy sessions. The Magic eyes workshop focus on what works and you will learn what specific exercises your child need to do. Most important you will have measurable feedback that your child's vision is improving.

We have may examples of children who have regained the visual acuity of 20/16 which is normal for children under the age of 12. As indicated by research, our experience is also that vision that has been regained tend to stay normal. Magic eyes Vision training is about learning a new and effective way of seeing.


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