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Astigmatism affect a large number of children and is usually present with other vision problems like myopia. Vision is distorted due to a deformity in the cornea (the clear part of the eye). Astigmatism is mainly caused by an unequal stress pattern held by the ey muscles. Think of a tent, if you do not get all the wires to pull equaly with the same tension you will tilt the tent in one direction or another. The same phenomenon is what is happening with astigmatism

Typically the cornea, the clear part of the eye, has Astigmatism the greatest refractive power at the vertical meridian. The 12 O'Clock, 6 O'Clock line on the watch dial. This is known as against the dial astigmatism or direct astigmatism. Research indicates that this is by far the most common type of astigmatism, or about 88% of all cases.

The less common with-the-rule astigmatism occurs when the refractive power of the cornea is greater along the horizontal meridian, or the 9 O' Clock - 3 O'Clock lien on the watch.

It is possible to have horizontal as well as vertical astigmatism, at the same time you can have astigmatism in only one eye. You can also have astigmatsim with diffrent angles in each eye. Children with astigmatism often see shadows behind letters. The distortion depends on the axis of the astigmatism.

Astigmatims chart

Move cursor over test chart to see astigmatism effect.

Astigmatism is very easy to detect. It is also very easy to eliminate by simple Magic eyes vision training exercises. Eye care professionals correct for astigmatism by combining plus and minus cylinderical elements in lenses fitted on the child. As with all lenses they do absolutely nothing for the under laying condition. When you take the lenses off you still have astigmatism.

Magic eyes vision training is a very effective way of eliminating most forms of astigmatism in children.


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