“I witnessed souls connecting to each other across time and space. I experienced the clarity and confusion of my mind. I saw the flow of love start up again after years of blockage.”

B. McDonald

Sometime you may have the feeling that you have done the best you can, yet there seems to be a hidden forces that influence and prevent you from living life fully. It may cause you, at times, to act in ways that seems to block your success, whether in your professional life, in your family or in your personal relationships.

You are born into your family and as a vital member you are closely connected to your family system. Many studies shows that events or incidents that happened within your family may have unknown causes, even across generations. Perhaps emotions not recognized of even distant family members, whom you do not know, may be entangled with you.

These under currents are often experienced as acts of destiny, since they are followed blindly resulting in unhappy relationships, difficulty in work or business even illness. From the connectedness through your family system you may, without conscious awareness, actually be partly living the destiny of an ancestor.

The effect of this work can be profound and insightful. Couples who have already filed for divorce, discovered the love that has always drawn them together. A father wanted to have better relationship with his son, realized that it was a pattern transferred from his father and grandfather. A lady realized that a previous relationship was unfinished and disturbing her current family.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of this work is to make the love flow again in your relationships.

Cost HK$ 3,500.00

Early bird payment received before Apr. 16, 2007. ............HK$ 3,400.00

Groups of three or more
Each of you save HK$ 300.00 before Apr. 16, and you pay. HK$ 3,200.00


The workshop is conducted in Cantonese and English

Healing family relationships
Hong Kong 28 and 29 April, 2007 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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