Rebecca Szeto

a Hong Kong born Canadian, with a bachelors degree in mathematics and a masters degree in information technology had a 20 year career in information technology management, at one point with responsibility for the IT systems linking 11 Asian countries. Teaching systems theory at several universities she was looking for something that could bring more harmony into the business world.

In early 2001 Rebecca experienced systems constellations work for the first time. She immediately realized the potential of this approach. Having spent two decades working with and teaching systems, this was a new and exciting way of making practical use of dusty theories.

In October 2001 Rebecca met Bert Hellinger, the German pioneer of Systems Constellations, at a workshop in Taipei. With only a phone number Rebecca followed her dream and moved to Munich in Germany in January 2002. This was the beginning of four years of intense study of Systems Constellation work with many of the prominent practitioners in Europe.

Rebecca also had the opportunity to travel with Bert Hellinger through several Asia countries, absorbing and learning from the master himself. She travelled with Hellinger in 2002 and 2003 and wrote an article about that for both the German and English systemic journals.

Since Rebecca has a business background she has particularly interested in the organizational application of systemic constellations so she attended several training courses in Europe focused on business.

Rebecca Szeto is gifted with the intuitive quality that makes her work exceptionally powerful. A workshop with her as facilitator is an unforgettable experience.

For the last three years she has lead a series of workshops for “single again” women in Malaysia. This work has attracted a lot of attention in that country as can be seen in numerous write-ups in Malaysian newspapers.

Everyone wants to have good relations and be successful in business she sees great possibilities for this work in Asia and the world.

Rebecca Szeto works internationally and conducts workshops regularly in Europe, Asia and North America. She is also a frequent speaker at international conferences.

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